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Did you agree to GPS tracking to secure bail? Don't fear, that's our specialty!

If you or a loved one had to agree to GPS tracking in order to meet bail requirements and secure release, turn to the ONLY company in Central Florida that acts as a private GPS monitoring agency - Ellrodt Bail Bonds! The experienced staff at family-owned Ellrodt Bail Bonds can secure your bond and fit you with your GPS monitoring device, all at a DISCOUNTED price. Contact our team today to discuss GPS monitoring or get a bond.  Our team is available 24/7 to get you the bail bond assistance you need. And of course, Ellrodt Bail Bonds is a member of the Florida Bail Agents Association for your peace of mind!

Our bail bond Experts will help guide you through the bail bond process.

Your first time procuring a bail bond can be intimidating - what do I pay? Who do I talk to? How does the process end? At Ellrodt Bail Bonds, our professional, respectful bondsmen can answer all your questions about bail bonds and the bond process so you can make informed, comfortable choices.  We have many payment options available and will do whatever it takes to find something that works for you.  Below are a few of the payment options that we offer.:

  • Bail by Phone

  • Financing Options

  • No Collateral Bail Bonds

  • Credit Card and Debit Payment

  • Wire Transfer

  • Cash

  • More

Why choose Ellrodt Bail Bonds for your GPS Monitoring and Tracking bail bond service?

  •  Combined offer - one stop shop to get a bond and GPS monitoring from the courts

  •  ONLY private GPS monitoring company in Central Florida

  •  In the bail bond industry for 35 years

  • Member of the Florida Bail Agents Association

  • Unique state and GPS bonds available

  • Payment options designed for any budget

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